age of aquarius How cool is this: our track Darling Jupiter has been selected as “Limbo-tick” on LOES FM #Radio! Which means it will play once every 2 hours during the day for the coming month! Check it at or on

Thanks to; Marc Schneiders and Raymond Coonen!

age of aquarius
Yes finally you can now pre-order our album! Official release is February 3, when it will become available worldwide. For the moment there are 2 possibilities:
1. Go to It is not only priced as a sale, but the webshop gives you a 17% discount with coupon 2017. But hurry, that is for a limited time!
2. Go to Catch the song Darling Jupiter while you’re there.
Or just use:

age of aquarius happy holidays

pillars of creation The famous Pillars of Creation show on One World Music Radio played our song Saturnian Chaos in edition 42 of the program. So if you want to get to now another track, here’s your chance!