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Just found an Italian website review. The original is here, and Google translates it as follows:

There are albums that hit immediately, in the positive, others unfortunately destined not to leave the mark, at least for the writers, as in the case of the Age Of Aquarius. Band unknown by my undersigned, discovered just now by virtue of the review of this new Dawn Of The Age Of Aquarius. The genre proposed by this group formed essentially by a duo that sees Peter Cox on all the instruments and Zoe Ehinger in his voice, is inspired by a kind of light rock with almost pop-ambient grafts, with a look at some sort of almost relaxing. A sound universe difficult to compare with some other rock band. Certainly to be assimilated, this work requires a lot of listening, at least for those who do not find it all day before this kind of sounds. By the way, it is not as bad as work, but you have to have the right predisposition perhaps to accept songs that you can listen to at first and do not like right away. There are tracks that are appreciated as Darlin Jupiter, with guitars being read but with the right rock mood. Or you could point to The Seventh Hymn, which tracks a bit more the rocky road of our favorite music. One exception to this is the very beautiful and varied Saturnian Chaos song, which in some frantic recalls the Deep Purple, but only one song of this magnitude is not enough to lift it all up. A can be defined as a classic pop song with rock guitars. Obviously then there are songs that could safely be omitted from this record as the initial Under One Big Sky, resulting in lack of any sordid and passing immediately into the forgetfulness. However, you have to appreciate and praise the band’s choice of songs with such an album, certainly courageous on their part. They obviously love what they do, even at the cost of not having fun at all. This is always good anyway. Recommended only and exclusively to fans of this genre.

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