age of aquarius - out thereOur album has been getting many great reviews! Here are a few of them:

  • Rockerhead  says: Awesome. Sci-Fi fans will want to get their ears on this. Great piece of work.
  • Swiss site Metal Factory gives it 8 points and calles it a really nice work
  • for DMME it is “a highly entertaining, and intelligent, opus”, resulting in 4 1/4 of 5 stars!
  • On to Prog Critique: “ … Out There…  deploys compositions with multiple nuances, it is this diversity that makes its strength and will provide everyone with a pleasant listening experience!”
  • Melodic Rock Site Strutter hands a 7/10 and advices: Nice record to check out
  • On to White Room Reviews. Many good things to say so the conclusion is that “the 10 tracks on Out There show that Peter Cox and Nakoma Z have found each other. Together they created a beautiful outlook on progressive rock in which the balance is guarded on all fronts. Something so well thought out and executed, deserves compliments”

Thank you to all writers! Click the various links to find the full reviews.

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