The Age Of Aquarius, what is the Age Of Aquarius and when does it begin or has it already begun? There is no definitive answer to this question but this is the theme to Peter Cox and Zoe Ehinger’s album “Dawn of the Age of Aquarius”. The duo call themselves Age of Aquarius and are qualified to talk on the subject as anyone as this is their star sign.  The music ranges from rock to progressive rock with music written by Peter and vocals and lyrics by Zoe.

Even though there is a sense of fear and uncertainty for our future the album is not all doom and gloom, in fact there are some real rockers especially Peter’s instrumental tracks and there’s moments of humour on the track “Saturnian Chaos” and the upbeat, infectious “Darling Jupiter” add to that very attractive artwork packaging and you have an album that doesn’t copy the well-worn rock album influences. Just like the times we live in the album is full of twists and turns and uncertainties. Maybe this is the beginning of the Age Of Aquarius after all !!





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